Everything is made using prestige, authentic
Italian and unique recipes.

Combined with only quality and fresh ingredients, guaranteed to make your taste
buds dance with every mouthful.

Italian Continental Cake by Pasticceria Francesco

Italian Continental Cake

When eating Francesco's Italian Continental cake it will transport you back to Italy and will entice you from your first mouth full!

Ferrero Rocher Mud Cake by Pasticceria Francesco

Ferrero Rocher Mud Cake

 Indulging in this chocolate & hazelnut mud cake is a must for all chocoholics!

Siciliani Cassata by Pasticceria Francesco

Siciliani Cassata

A traditional delicacy that captures all of the Sicilian flavours. You can't stop at one... 

Taste Sensation

Francesco's speciality is in
making the cakes
Look Enticing & Taste Divine
Francesco's speciality is in making the cakes look enticing and taste divine
Francesco Triunfo, executive pastry chef of Pasticceria Francesco

Introducing Francesco

Pasticceria Francesco was established in 2009 and is a home based business in Canberra. Executive pastry chef Francesco Triunfo originates from Italy and with over 30 years of experience Francesco creates encapsulating flavours of Italy....

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