Francesco's Speciality - Italian Continental Cake

Options to select your Italian Continental Cake

  • Sponge cake: vanilla and/or chocolate

  • Crema Pasticcera (custard): vanilla, chocolate, coffee, hazelnut, zabaglione, tiramisu

  • Liquors: choice of vanilla, benevento or no liquor

  • Covered with fresh cream: choice of roasted flaked almonds or chocolate pattern.

Pasticceria Francesco's speciality Italian Continental Cake

At Pasticceria Francesco our products are made with only the finest ingredients and we are committed to their quality and your satisfaction.

Our suppliers:

  • Free Range Eggs by Grassy's Grass Fed Yass, NSW

  • Quality Italian Liquors Sydney, NSW

  • Quality Essence Melbourne, VIC

No preservatives, no premixes and no additives are used at Pasticceria Francesco.